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Color Confidence for Quilters

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Most quilters struggle at some point with color. Perhaps fabric pulls are completely crippling. Or perhaps something seems off about a fabric palette but the reason isn’t evident. Color Confidence for Quilters helps quilters learn the science of color while developing their personal intuition for selecting fabrics, thereby making the entire fabric selection process much more fun and enjoyable.


An eye for color can be learned!

In my workshops, the often intimidating process of choosing a color palette is demystified.

Quilters begin the journey of training their eye for color by learning what their own personal approach to the creative process is, learning the basics of the science of color, and how to use simple techniques to create fabulous color palettes.

With tons of tips and lots of quilt examples, this workshop helps even the most color-challenged quilters gain confidence in their ability to pull together an interesting palette.

Discover your unique color formula in my color workshops.


I offer a range of color workshops in which quilters continue to develop their eye for color through hands-on fabric exercises that help train the eye to see the subtle differences in hue, value, saturation, and clarity.

Quilters dive deeper into the science of color, learning how to use a color wheel for quilting, explore classic color palettes and how to use them, learn how to mix fabric prints within a color palette, learn the subtle nuances of neutrals and how to work with them effectively, including lots of guided practice creating fabric pulls with their own stash.

Quilters discover their own unique color formula based on what they’re drawn to and learn how to use it to create beautiful fabric pulls. Through experimentation and playing with fabrics, quilters will learn to see color in new ways and understand what color styles attract them or repel them.

The hands-on fabric exercises are a hit!

The workshops are very hands-on and fun. They are appropriate for all levels; from quilters who are new to color and only ever use precuts, to quilters with a strong color intuition who are looking to create more interesting, dynamic palettes and develop their signature style.

Students will walk away from each workshop with greater awareness of their unique color preferences and with physical examples of the color palettes they’ve put together using their signature color style.

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