English paper piecing patterns and education for quilters

A New Beginning

Today begins the start of something beautiful. I am launching MakerJayne, a brand specializing in providing unique English Paper Piecing patterns, projects, and tutorials so you can create beautiful items for yourself and the ones you love. 

In addition to patterns and kits, I have plans to also offer workshops in English paper piecing and Color Confidence for Quilters. I also have some ideas for quilting clubs which I'm very excited about, as well.

I've got so many fun ideas! I can hardly wait to share them with you.

I'll be sharing everything here on my website with regular blog updates and a newsletter.

For you visual learners, I also have a YouTube channel where I demonstrate many of the techniques for you close-up from my camera.


About Me

I have been a textile artist for more than 30 years - working in macrame, crochet, and cross-stitch. I discovered sewing at the age of 36.

One of the very first sewing projects I made was a quilt out of simple squares. That was also when I discovered batik fabrics!

As soon as I started piecing it together, I knew I had finally found my purpose. I decided that day to figure out how to turn this newfound passion into a business.

Now, after years of trial and error, lots of market research, and tons of learning, I am super excited this day has finally come for me to launch MakerJayne.

This is me around the time when I was first learning how to sew.









Inspiration for MakerJayne

The inspiration for MakerJayne came to me initially during a move overseas. My husband and I were in the process of packing up all of our belongings in preparation for shipping them over the ocean - a several-week venture.

As I packed up my sewing studio I knew I was going to need something to keep my hands busy in the form of some sort of sewing project while we waited to be reunited with our possessions.

This is when I discovered English paper piecing.

At first, I wasn't sure if I would like all the handwork. I didn't think I had the patience for it, quite frankly. But as soon as I began basting my very first hexagons and stitching them together it was an instant and lasting love affair.

I haven't stopped since and that was more than three years ago now! In addition to EPP, my passion for handwork has since expanded into hand applique and hand embroidery. I love combining the various techniques into a single project.


The MakerJayne Style

My quilt design style is inspired by the geometric patterns found in nature, especially flowers. I also get inspiration for my work from Asian architecture and design.



I am drawn to a variety of hues and enjoy combining different values and saturation as well as different color temperatures to give my quilt designs depth and interest. My passion for playing with color and geometric composition is what drives my unique style.

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